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Why is so important to tell your #dyslex

Why is so important to tell your #dyslexiastory? Is your child 1 year behind at school? It will take your child 2 years to make that up. 2 years behind? 5 years to make it up. Join us on July 14th #ALDyslexia


ALSDE Public Hearing – #ALDyslexia


PUBLIC HEARING:  Click Here for Event Page on FB 10:30 A.M. – JULY 14, 2015 AMENDMENT TO THE CODE: 290-3-1-.02 Regulations Governing Public Schools Addressing #Dyslexia Code changes here This is your story – DDALA Updated YOUR STORY DUE: July 13, 2015 Tell your story. You live it daily. Share your story from your heart. Practice it with family members or a friend so that it might fit into a few minutes or on one page. That’s hard. Right? Fitting so much into so little time. Yes. It is, but we’re here to help show you how. Here’s an outline to help you get started to express your views in writing (sample letter Letter Template DDALA):

  • When were you/your child diagnosed?
  • Where do you live? Go to school?
  • Give a brief example of a time when dyslexia created difficulties, embarrassment, or hardship for you/your child in (1) school and (2) outside of school.
  • Give your “ask”. How can the proposed changes help your child’s education journey? Ask your school board member and Dr. Bice to make these changes a reality.

ASK THEM TO VOTE YES FOR THE AMENDMENT CHANGES and mail your letters to: State Superintendent of Education Gordon Persons Building P.O. Box 302101 Montgomery, AL 36130-2101 Want to go in person and get on the agenda? Call 334-242-9700 no later than July 13, 2015 THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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